Mother Sues Kohl’s Department Store Over Son’s Eye Injury

Mother sues department store over son's eye injuryAn Illinois woman filed a personal injury lawsuit against the Edwardsville branch of the Kohl's department store, claiming that her son suffered an eye injury from a clothing pin in the store.

Angie Sizemore claims that her son was inside the store in August 2008, the time of the alleged incident, the St. Clair Record reports. Her son was shopping inside Kohl's when an "exposed, sharp and non-visible pin" used to keep clothing garments from falling off the rack poked him in the eye, allegedly causing serious and permanent injuries. She claims that the eye injury sustained by her son has kept him from participating in his usual activities.

Sizemore has hired a personal injury attorney to represent her in the case. She seeks more than $50,000 in damages for the injury and for medical expenses incurred because of it.

The most common eye injury involves the cornea – a clear, protective layer at the surface of the eyeball. This tissue can become scratched or pierced by various objects, potentially leading to a serious condition, according to the Mayo Clinic.