Mother Awarded $1.5 Million For Child’s Choking Death

Mother Awarded $1.5 Million For Child's Choking DeathA mother who filed a personal injury lawsuit against her deceased child's pre-school has been awarded $1.5 million in the case by a jury.

LaFonda Bond claimed that in December 2008, her 22-month-old son Ford died after choking on a peach slice fed to him at the Lambuth Memorial Preschool, according to the Jackson Sun. Bond and her personal injury attorney had argued that the school was negligent in its oversight of the children in its care.

"The Department of Human Services has guidelines that daycares have to follow. The food has to be cut in pieces suitable for a 22-month-old and the teacher must be in direct sight and sound of the children. There has to be one teacher for every six children," Bond's personal injury attorney explained. "Lambuth Preschool did not have that."

The personal injury attorney said that he does not know if the pre-school will appeal the verdict.

The news provider reports that the pre-school, which is affiliated with the United Methodist Church, remains open after the incident. According to the Lambuth Memorial United Methodist Church's website, the pre-school center first started as a one-day program in 1967. It was accredited by the National Academy of Early Childhood Programs in 1988.