Mississippi Man Gets $500,000 in Medical Malpractice Lawsuit

Mississippi man claims negligence in knee surgeryA Mississippi man has recently been awarded $500,000 by a jury in his medical malpractice suit against a doctor who was allegedly negligent in performing a knee operation.

Johnny Mack Ford has his knee replaced by surgeon Dr. John Henry “Rusty” Fairbanks, according to the Natchez Democrat.

The medical malpractice lawsuit claimed that the surgery was botched, leading him to incur medical bills and experience suffering. Ford's medical malpractice attorney claimed that one of the screws that Fairbanks inserted into Ford's knee during the surgery was too long, leading it to scrape against soft tissue and bone in the area, according to the news source.

The consequences of this alleged negligence, according to the lawsuit, were that Ford experienced severe pain, bleeding and swelling, contracted several infections and needed three surgeries to correct the cumulative damage.

The defense argued that Ford suffered natural, expected risks of surgery, and that Fairbanks was not at fault. The jury reportedly sided with the plaintiff and ordered Fairbanks to pay $300,000 in noneconomic damages and about $200,000 in economic damages.