Mine Worker Files Personal Injury Lawsuit After Rescue

Horton and his lawyers filed the claim in an effort to receive money for the alleged personal injury that was caused during the collapse of the mine. A miner who played a significant role in the rescue efforts after the Crandall Canyon Mine collapse in Utah has filed a personal injury lawsuit against the mine's owner and partners, The Salt Lake Tribune reported.

Mitch Horton, the miner who helped with the rescue efforts, has claimed that the owners allegedly promoted dangerous mining practices, permitted dangerous working conditions and potentially harmful rescue conditions. The accident killed a total of nine people in 2007, according to the news source.

Horton and his lawyers filed the claim in an effort to receive money for the alleged personal injury that was caused during the collapse of the mine. The amount of punitive and compensatory damages that were requested was unspecified after the case was filed, reported the Tribune.

The first collapse led to a rescue effort by Horton and some fellow workers who wanted to help those who were trapped under the debris. It was then that the miner allegedly suffered serious injuries, as the attempt to save the other miners led to a second collapse, the news source reported.

"Deteriorating conditions and increasing seismic events at the site of rescue operations preceded the fatal [collapse] in the last few days before Aug. 16, yet [rescue] operations continued," the lawsuit alleged.

Horton has claimed that he has suffered severe and permanent physical injuries, including fear of death, pain and suffering, uncertainty of his predicament and emotional and mental duress, according to the Tribune.

Another personal injury lawsuit was filed after a man was killed during his time at a police academy during officer training, according to the Virginian-Pilot.

The details surrounding the death of John Kohn, a recruit at the Norfolk Police Recruit Academy, have been debated, but the family of the deceased is filing a personal injury lawsuit against the organization, the news source reported.

Kohn died at the academy after allegedly receiving a series of blows to the head during the training. While the origin of the violence was at first disputed, a video surfaced that showed a training officer hitting the recruit in the head during an exercise, the Virginian-Pilot reported.

The family of the fallen recruit filed a lawsuit after learning of the contents of the video, and sought damages for the death of John Kohn. Lawyers for the family have alleged that the officers at the academy had failed to exercise ordinary care when dealing with the new recruits and they contend that the academy is responsible for his death, according to the news source.

After the initial filing, the police department released an investigation of the incident, but the family is looking to move forward with the case due to the proximity of the department to the accident and the officers who were involved, reported the Virginian-Pilot.

The family of a young girl from Missouri has filed a personal injury lawsuit against the school district where she is currently being educated following an incident that occurred while the child was in class, The Springfield News-Leader reported.

Lawyers for the plaintiff have contended that the girl had complained to school officials about a possible sexual assault, and she was promptly expelled for filing a false report. Upon her return to school the young woman was then allegedly assaulted again, and the lawsuit was filed shortly thereafter against the school for a lack of action, reported the news source.

Though the case has not moved to trial at this juncture, the family intends to push the school district to move the process along, as they contend that their daughter should not have to suffer for something that she allegedly had no control over, according to the News-Leader.