Milford, Connecticut Settles Gymnast Student’s Personal Injury Lawsuit

Student injured setting up gymnastics equipmentThe city of Milford, Connecticut, recently settled a personal injury lawsuit with Kaylee Ritchie, a woman who was severely injured when she was a student at Jonathan Law High School in 2004.

The lawsuit alleged that Ritchie, then a freshman at the school, was told by her gymnastics coach to set up a temporary plywood floor that was used for practice, according to the New Haven Register.

She and another girl were setting up the floor when several plywood boards fell from the makeshift cart that contained them, pinning Ritchie to the floor and allegedly resulting in a fracture-dislocation of her right foot.

Ritchie's attorney claimed that the injury ended Ritchie's promising sports career.

According to the personal injury attorney, the school's athletic director specifically said that the girls were not to set up the floor, but that the task should be left to custodial staff. Furthermore, the cart that was used to contain the boards was allegedly constructed by the coach himself, and therefore not tested for safety, the news source reports.

"Kaylee’s reaction is if she could go back in time, she’d hope this incident never happened, and she would have been able to excel in sports," Ritchie's personal attorney said of the case.