Medical Malpractice Suit Settled in Texas

Medical Malpractice Suit Settled in TexasA medical malpractice claim filed in Texas has been settled, and the accused physician has agreed to pay more than $238,000, the Southeast Texas Record reports.

In April, the estate of Dusty Lanford filed a lawsuit against Christus Hospital St. Elizabeth and Dr. Samara Moore, alleging that Lanford was left untreated after being admitted to the hospital, a lapse in medical care that the suit claims led to his death in November 2009 at age 21.

On November 23, 2009, Lanford came to the hospital complaining of abdominal pain, nausea, dizziness and vomiting. The lawsuit said Lanford was suffering from severe sepsis. Allegedly left untreated, Lanford passed away the next day.

The defendants agreed to the partial judgement, and Moore agreed to pay the estate $238,245 in three payments. Moore will also have to pay over $4,000 in guardian ad litem fees, a government program made of community advocates and professionals in each state that provides support for children who are the subjects of court cases.

Another Southeast Texas hospital is also facing a medical malpractice suit, according to the Record. In another suit filed in April, Dr. Erwin Lo, Golden Triangle Neurocare and Baptist Hospital are being accused of leaving a women a quadriplegic after spinal surgery.

The plaintiff, Wyoming Newman, recently filed a medical expert report to the Jefferson County District Court to back up her claim.

The lawsuit alleges that Dr. Lo performed spinal surgery using an MRI that was more than a year old and failed to interpret the MRI results correctly. As a result, he allegedly performed a corpectomy instead of taking the initial neurosurgeon's recommendations. Newman was in need of back surgery after a car accident in 2007.

Baptist Hospital was included in the lawsuit because Newman claims the facility was negligent for not properly monitoring her condition post-surgery.

This lawsuit has yet to come to a conclusion.