Medical Malpractice Lawsuit Filed Over Metal Wire Left in Pelvis

Medical malpractice suit filed over wire left in pelvisHigh school student Claudia Garcia and her mother recently filed a medical malpractice lawsuit in Louisiana, claiming negligence on the part of several defendants following a surgery that left a metal wire in Garcia's stomach.

Dr. Jennifer Lohmann-Bigelow of Ochsner Medical Center-Westbank in Louisiana performed a laparoscopic surgery on Garcia using a tissue removal device during the procedure, the Louisiana Record reports.

The device allegedly broke, leaving a five-inch metal wire inside Garcia. As a result of the allegedly botched surgery, Garcia and her mother claim the girl was unable to function independently and experienced pain, causing her to graduate from high school late, according to the news source.

Defendants named in the lawsuit include Lohmann-Bigelow, the medical center and the manufacturers of the allegedly defective tissue removal device used in Garcia's surgery. 

Garcia is suing for mental and physical pain and anguish, loss of enjoyment of life, medical expenses, lost wages, interest and court costs. Garcia's mother reportedly seeks damages for mental anguish and interference with the mother-daughter relationship.