Medical Malpractice Lawsuit Filed Over Brain Injury, Death

Medical malpractice lawsuit filed over brain injuryThe family of a Nora Springs, Iowa woman has filed a medical malpractice lawsuit against two surgeons and a medical clinic, claiming the defendants' negligence in performing a lap band surgery resulted in the woman's death.

Dr. Kyle VerSteeg and Dr. Hussein Mohamed performed the surgery on Tammara Ann Haxton at the Mason City Clinic, according to the Globe Gazette. Haxton's sister claims that VerSteeg struck a major blood vessel during the procedure, causing Haxton to lose blood at a dangerous rate. In response to this emergency, the two doctors cross-clamped the vessel and cut off blood flow to Haxton's heart without informing the anesthesiologist, the medical malpractice lawsuit states.

One hour after the start of the lap band surgery, a vascular surgeon entered the operating room, repaired damage to the blood vessel and re-established blood flow, the suit claims, but Haxton sustained severe brain injury due to prolonged low blood pressure. She did not recover and passed away less than a month after the surgery, according to the news source.

Haxton's sister seeks unspecified damages from Mohamed, VerSteeg and the clinic, and has asked for a jury trial. 

Severe and prolonged low blood pressure can deprive vital body tissues of oxygen, potentially leading to damage to the heart and brain, according to the Mayo Clinic.