Medical Malpractice Lawsuit Filed Against Surgeon

Lawsuit claims negligence on surgeon's partA Morris County jury recently heard closing arguments in a medical malpractice lawsuit that was filed due to possible negligence on the part of a surgeon that allegedly led to the amputation of patient Shannon Farrier’s leg.

Farrier had been involved in a car accident that resulted in an ankle injury in 2003. Days after having several broken bones repaired at Morristown Memorial Hospital, Farrier started to lose feeling in her foot, reports.

At this stage in her case, Dr. Carey Dolgin, a vascular surgeon and the defendant in the lawsuit, performed a surgery on Farrier that involved making incisions from the ankle to mid-calf to relieve pressure, according to the news source. Despite this procedure, Farrier’s leg later needed to be amputated.

Dolgin’s defense attorney claims that Dolgin was diligent in making sure the procedure was relieving the pressure, and that the amputation was needed due to vasospasms in Farrier’s leg that would not respond to treatment.

The plaintiff’s attorney claims that Dolgin deviated from accepted standards of care by not making the incisions long enough, which allowed pressure to continue to build and eventually resulted in muscle death in Farrier’s leg, following which amputation was necessary.

The damages sought in the medical malpractice lawsuit are $1.6 million, the news provider reports.