Massachusetts Family Sues Over Paintball Eye Injury

Massachusetts Family Sues Over Paintball Eye InjuryA Beverly, Massachusetts family recently filed a personal injury lawsuit against the parents of the boy they claim shot their son in the eye with a paintball gun.

According to the Salem News, Richard and Patty Cuneo say that the son of Paul and Beth Coz shot their child in the eye with the device on the Coz's property. The projectile allegedly hit the Cuneo boy's eye, causing "severe and permanent injury" that caused them to incur substantial medical costs and prevented their son from participating in daily activities.

The Cuneos say the Cozs were negligent in supervising their son with the paintball gun, and seek $13,389 in damages from them, according to the news provider.

According to research published in the American Journal of Ophthalmology, paintball eye injuries tend to be quite severe. Rupture of the eyeball occurred in 28 percent of the cases the researchers analyzed, and detached retina occurred in 19 percent. Surgery was required in 81 percent of cases, and in 22 percent of paintball eye injuries, the damage was severe enough to make it necessary to ultimately remove the eye, UPI reports.