Massachusetts Couple Receives $2 Million in Medical Malpractice Lawsuit

Massachusetts couple receives $2 million in medical malpractice suitA couple from Millbury, Massachusetts, has recently been awarded $2 million as the outcome of their medical malpractice lawsuit against St. Vincent Hospital in Worcester.

Laura Ginisi had claimed in her medical malpractice suit that the hospital misdiagnosed several strokes suffered by her husband, Joseph Ginisi, in 2004, the Associated Press reports. The hospital also delayed treating his cancer, according to the lawsuit, and this alleged negligence left Ginisi legally blind and unable to walk.

The jury reportedly did not find any doctors or staff members liable in the medical malpractice lawsuit; only the hospital was deemed responsible. Hospital officials commented on the outcome of the litigation by pointing out that the facility is currently under new ownership.

According to the Worcester Telegram, damages accounted for just under $1.4 million of the award. Another $500,000 was awarded to Laura Ginisi for loss of consortium – Joseph Ginisi lives in a care center following the worsening of his condition, and his wife said she is unable to care for him at home.