Man Wins $2.2 Million In Lawsuit Over Severe Back Surgery Complications

Man Wins $2.2 Million In Lawsuit Over Severe Back Surgery ComplicationsAn Alabama man who allegedly experienced severe post-surgical complications and claimed his doctor was dismissive of his concerns has won a $2.2 million jury verdict.

Tom Trammell had lower back surgery in 2005, the medical malpractice lawsuit stated, and sought out defendant Dr. Zenko Hrynkiw, the surgeon who performed the procedure, when he began to experience pain, according to the Birmingham News. The defendant allegedly dismissed Trammell’s symptoms as normal post-operative pain and left him untreated for some time, according to the suit. The pain turned out to have been caused by severe complications in a bundle of nerves in the spinal column, the medical malpractice lawsuit claimed.

“All of that time, blood flow was constricted to those crucial nerves, and they were in effect, dying,” Trammell’s medical malpractice attorney explained. This nerve death has allegedly left Trammell with nerve disorders in his lower extremities, bowels, bladder and reproductive system.

According to WebMD, the compression or pinching of nerves is a common way through which people experience nerve damage. Carpal Tunnel Syndrome is one example of nerve damage caused by nerve compression.