Man Sues Texas Dept. of Transportation Over Car Accident

A Texas man who is suing the state Department of Transportation said the agency should have warned drivers about a dangerous road closure.A man has filed a lawsuit over a one-car accident that he was involved in near High Island, Texas, reported the Southeast Texas Record.

Louisiana native Michael Fox is suing Stephen Rankin, Jennifer Woodard and the Texas Department of Transportation for the accident, claiming he injured his neck, back and other parts of his body during the collision on February 5, 2010. According to the newspaper, the plaintiff was employed by Rankin at Marine Pile Drivers at the time of the accident and was in a vehicle owned by Woodard that was driven by one of Rankin's ship captains.

In the lawsuit, Fox claims the captain caused the collision by driving head first into a pile a gravel that was at the end of the road. He also cites the Texas Department of Transportation for failing to put up a warning sign about the road closure, reported the paper.

"If TXDOT was an actual person, it would be liable to the plaintiff under Texas law," says the original petition, according to the source.

Fox alleged that Rankin and Woodard are at fault for various offenses, including improper supervision, lack of adequate medical equipment and negligent entrustment of a vehicle. The source said Fox is seeking unspecified monetary damages and a jury trial.

Car accidents can cost U.S. citizens enormous amounts of money each year. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention reports that a study found that the cost of medical care and productivity losses associated with motor vehicle accidents in one year exceeded $99 billion.