Man Sues Sheriff’s Office, County for Tasering Him in the Eyeball

Man sues county after being tasered in the chest and eyeAnthony Payne has sued Blount County, Tennessee, and Blount County Sheriff's Office for an incident in which a deputy tasered Payne in the eyeball and chest, causing pain and loss of vision.

According to the lawsuit, deputies had responded to a call made by a suicidally depressed Payne, according to the Daily Times.

Payne told them he was holding a knife, but specified that he did not plan to harm anyone. When the deputies arrived to Payne's residence, he was allegedly sitting on the front porch talking to his son. A deputy proceeded to shoot him with the Taser gun.

The lawsuit also states that the deputy had sent a second wave of electricity through the Taser probes, despite observing that one of the probes had landed on Payne's eyeball, the news source reports.

The lawsuit states that Payne had three surgeries on his eyeball that attempted to repair the damage. His eyeball was ultimately removed, causing loss of vision.

Payne's personal injury lawsuit seeks at least $300,000 in damages, the news provider reports.