Man Sues California Hospital Over Discharge Procedures

Man Sues California Hospital Over Discharge ProceduresA man has filed a lawsuit against White Memorial Medical Center in the Boyle Heights borough of Los Angeles, alleging the medical center was negligent in its handling of his care and discharge from the hospital.

According to the Bell Gardens Sun, 50-year-old Jesse Bravo filed the lawsuit, which seeks unspecified damages for the alleged mishandling of his discharge. The complaint states that the hospital "dumped" Bravo because they no longer wanted to care for him.

Bravo was admitted to the hospital after his mental health condition deteriorated in 2011. The lawsuit states that the married man and father of four was staying with his mother in Los Angeles at the time of his hospitalization.

After being admitted to White Memorial on January 28 for complications of paranoid schizophrenia, he was discharged on February 11 without his family members being notified, according to the lawsuit, and was allegedly placed in plastic handcuffs and transported to a transitional living facility in Leimer Park. However, he was never admitted to the facility, according to the complaint, and the hospital failed to include Bravo's wife in the planning of his discharge, despite her visiting him regularly and calling every day.

Bravo's attorney stated that he "wound up wandering the streets of Skid Row for two nights without warm clothing, money, identification or medication" until he was detained by police for attempting to climb into a van he thought was a family member's.

According to the Los Angeles Times, law enforcement in the city have had to crack down on hospitals accused of dropping patients off in the streets. Several cases saw heavy media attention, and led to prosecutions, financial settlements and changes in hospital policies.

"The message was sent in the city of Los Angeles that this kind of activity would not be tolerated and would closely be watched," said the Los Angeles chief deputy city attorney.