Man Rejects $150,000 Settlement Offer as Too Low in Personal Injury Lawsuit

Man rejects $150,000 settlement offer as too lowA Michigan man who filed a personal injury lawsuit against a grocery store and a canned fruit company over a can that allegedly exploded and injured his face has turned down a settlement offer of $150,000 from the defendants on the grounds that it was too low.

Darryl Alexander claims he bought a Del Monte can of fruit from a Kroger supermarket, according to CBS News. He ran the can under warm water and hit it with the rubber handle of a screwdriver, allegedly causing the metal lid to pop off the can and strike Alexander in the eye.

"It happened so fast. I just had no time to react. … I staggered, lost consciousness and fell to the floor. I eventually screamed for my wife," Alexander said of the incident. He allegedly had to be taken to a hospital and needed to wear an eye patch for several weeks after his injury.

Kroger and Del Monte have offered Alexander a settlement of $150,000, specifying that the offer does not represent an admission of liability. Alexander's personal injury attorney has claimed that the offer is too low because Alexander sustained permanent eye injuries as a result of the incident.