Man Left Floating in Sea Receives $1.68 Million in Damages

Man files lawsuit after being left by scuba diving boatDaniel Carlock was recently awarded $1.68 million in his personal injury lawsuit against Sundiver Charters and Ocean Adventures Dive Company, the company that allegedly left him floating alone in the sea after a scuba-diving session.

The Sundiver boat had taken a group of people, including Carlock, scuba-diving 12 miles off Long Beach, California, the Associated Press Reports. When Carlock got separated from his "buddy" and surfaced too far away from the boat, the crew allegedly left without him and incorrectly marked him as being present on the boat in their roster.

After the boat left without him, he was allegedly marked as present during a second dive several miles away from where Carlock had been left, the news provider reports.

Carlock was rescued several hours later, but has claimed that the experience caused him to develop post-traumatic stress disorder and skin cancer. 

The jury ruled in favor of Carlock, but decreased the damages he was awarded from $2 million to $1.68 million because Carlock was told to surface closer to the boat and thus was partly responsible, according to the news provider. 

Carlock's attorney has stated that Carlock's personal injury lawsuit has changed safety standards in the scuba-diving industry and made the head-count methods they employ more rigorous.