Man Files Lawsuit Over Christmas Garland Injury

Man files lawsuit over Christmas garland injuryAn Illinois man recently filed a personal injury lawsuit against the catalog which sold him a Christmas garland. The owner of the catalog and HSN, the parent company of the Home Shopping Network, are also named as defendants.

Michael Montalbano claims he was was stringing the garland around his front door in 2008 when a metal fastener on the garland pierced his hand, according to the Chicago Tribune. The injury allegedly required surgery, and Montalbano claims he still has limited mobility in some of his fingers.

Montalbano's personal injury attorney has described the metal fastener as a "hidden hazard," claiming that it was painted green and not easily noticeable. The weight of the garland allegedly pushed the sharp fastener through Montalbano's hand.

"Mr. Montalbano was doing nothing wrong. He was standing on his ladder putting up holiday decorations like most people do," the attorney added.

According to WebMD, one of the most common contexts in which hand injuries occur are projects around the home, especially when tools or other equipment is used.