Man Files Lawsuit Against Tuna Company and Supermarket Over Mercury Poisoning

Man alleges mercury poisoning after eating too much tunaLee Porrazzo of White Plains, New York, has recently filed a lawsuit for unspecified damages against Bumble Bee and Stop & Shop for manufacturing and selling canned tuna after finding elevated mercury levels in his blood as an alleged result of eating tuna.

Porrazzo states that his love of tuna combined with low prices on Bumble Bee brand at his local Stop & Shop caused him to purchase and consume 10 cans of it a week for three years, according to

Soon after beginning this tuna-rich diet, Porrazzo claims he experienced heart palpitations and chest pains a few times a week. He further claims that doctors didn't know what was wrong with him until a blood test for heavy metals indicated he had elevated mercury levels in his blood, the news source reports.

He immediately ceased his consumption of tuna and his mercury levels were back to normal within a month, yet he is concerned about long-term health effects of the toxin exposure. He is suing the tuna company and supermarket and alleging that they put profits before their patrons' health. 

According to the news provider, defense lawyers are expected to file a motion to dismiss Parazzo's lawsuit.