Man Files Lawsuit After Illinois Doctor Allegedly Misdiagnoses Cyst

Man Files Lawsuit After Illinois Doctor Allegedly Misdiagnoses CystA man from O'Fallon, Illinois, has filed a lawsuit against a doctor in Madison County who he claims misdiagnosed his condition after seeking treatment, which allegedly allowed cancer to go unchecked and spread to the rest of his body, the Madison County Record reports.

According to the news source, the complaint was filed by Paul Earnhart and his wife, Patricia, on July 6 in Madison County Circuit Court. The defendants listed in the lawsuit include Dr. William Drake, Hospital Sisters Health System and St. Joseph's Hospital, in Breese, Illinois.

The petition filed by the Earnharts and their attorney states that Paul Earnhart sought treatment from Dr. Jeffery Fierstein for a lump that appeared on the side of his neck in July of 2009. After Fierstein removed the lump, tissue samples of the matter were allegedly sent to Dr. Drake for analysis, who reportedly diagnosed the lump as a cyst which had become severely infected.

When the lump returned in Earnhart's neck some time later, he again sought treatment for it, and learned that it was cancer that had spread to the rest of his body, originating in his tongue and lymph nodes, causing him to undergo intense cancer treatment, the lawsuit claims.

According to the Lymphoma Organization, Lymphoma, or cancer of the lymph nodes, is a form of blood cancer that forms when when white blood cells, which protect the body from disease, begin to behave abnormally and mutate, producing tumors.

Now, the Earnharts are suing for negligence and loss of consortium after the doctor allegedly made a "blatant misdiagnosis." The couple seeks more than $300,000 in damages to cover court costs as well as all medical expenses accrued during the cancer treatment, the news provider stated.