Man Claims He Broke a Tooth on Glass in Burger

Man Claims He Broke a Tooth on Glass in BurgerA Chicago man claims he bit into a burger containing shards of glass during a 2009 stay at a Ramada hotel, causing him to break a tooth.

In his lawsuit against Ramada Worldwide, Troy Palmer claims he was at a Ramada location on Lake Shore Drive in December of 2009 when he was served a hamburger that contained a glass fragment, the Chicago Tribune reports. According to his personal injury lawsuit, Palmer broke his tooth as a result of biting down on this contaminant.

Ramada is accused of negligently maintaining its food by allowing glass fragments to be blended with its ground beef. Palmer is represented by a personal injury attorney, and seeks unspecified damages.

Ramada isn't the only company that has recently been accused of serving glass-contaminated food. In February, a Chicago woman sued McDonalds, claiming that the spicy McChicken sandwich she had purchased from one of the company's locations contained a glass fragment, NBC Chicago reports. She claimed she sustained severe and permanent oral injuries as a result, and sought $600,000 in damages.