Man Blames Local YMCA For Wrist Fracture

Man Blames Local YMCA For Wrist Fracture  A man who allegedly broke his wrist while playing racquetball at an Illinois YMCA has filed a personal injury lawsuit against the community organization, claiming that staff did not clean up the premises properly.

Robert Totra of Cahokia, Illinois, claims he went to play the sport at the Belleville YMCA in January 2009, the St. Clair Record reports. He slipped on a piece of clothing while playing and fell, causing a wrist fracture, the personal injury lawsuit claims.

According to the complaint, the area where Totra was playing racquetball was previously used for a children's tumbling class, and YMCA employees failed to properly clean the area, thus leaving behind the clothing item on which Totra slipped. He is represented by a personal injury attorney and seeks more than $75,000 in damages for medical expenses and court costs from the YMCA of Southwest Illinois, according to the news source.

The YMCA is a nonprofit community organization that strives to foster social responsibility, healthy living and youth development, according to its website. It reportedly has a 160-year history, and currently serves more than 10,000 neighborhoods nationwide.