Man Bitten By Dog Claims Owners Knew it Was "Vicious"

A Texas man who was allegedly bitten by a dog while looking at scrap vehicles has sued the company on whose premises the incident occurred and the dog’s owners.

Wendell Poplin says that the dog, which is allegedly of a breed that is “prone to attacking and inflicting serious injuries,” was owned and kept by defendants Port Bolivar Management and Kara and Robert Kurtz, according to the Southeast Texas Record. While Poplin was on the defendants’ property, the dog in question allegedly bit him, causing serious physical and emotional injury for which he required multiple hospitalizations, the personal injury lawsuit states.

The defendants knew or should have known about the dog’s alleged vicious tendencies due to its breed and its history of past attacks or attempted attacks, according to the suit.

“The defendants failed to confine or restrain the dog or otherwise take adequate precautions in a way that would have prevented attacks on such persons such as Mr. Poplin,” the complaint says.

According to the American Humane Society, 58 percent of human deaths from dog bites or attacks involve dogs that are unrestrained on their owners’ property.