Louisiana Woman Files Personal Injury Lawsuit Against Universal Studios

Louisiana Woman Files Personal Injury Lawsuit Against Universal StudiosA Louisiana woman recently filed a lawsuit against Universal Studios over a fall that allegedly occurred on the set of one of its movies.

Debra Pittman of Jefferson Parish says in her personal injury lawsuit that she fell while exiting a portable toilet on the set of Final Destination IV, the Louisiana Record reports. The case is scheduled to go to trial in February 2012.

Pittman said in the lawsuit that she "fell through a space in the metal steps that became disattached[sic] improperly and separated enough to allow [her] foot/leg to fall through causing her severe and permanent injuries."

The plaintiff said in her lawsuit that she developed a staph infection as a result of the injuries, and that this infection required her to undergo surgeries on her hip and leg.

Pittman's lawsuit names Elite Portable Restrooms and Showers Inc., ACE Insurance, ESIS Inc., JAG Mobile Solutions, Burlington Insurance, FD4 Productions and Colony Insurance, along with Universal as defendants, according to the news source.

Final Destination IV was released on August 28, 2009. The incident allegedly occurred in January 2008.