Louisiana Man Suing IRS For Neck Injury

A man filed a personal injury suit against the IRS after sustaining a neck injury in one of their offices.A New Orleans man has filed a personal injury lawsuit against the Internal Revenue Service, after he was reportedly struck by a portable office wall that collapsed in one of the agency's Louisiana offices, according to the Louisiana Record.

Willie B. Jolliff was allegedly injured on May 15, 2010, after the office wall fell and hit his head, which the lawsuit claims resulted in headaches and a neck injury. The newspaper said the plaintiff accused the IRS of failing to maintain a safe environment for office visitors, among other charges.

The lawsuit also lists the companies East Skelly and Jones Lang LaSelle Americas Inc. as defendants, saying that those parties are negligent for failing to maintain a safe place for business, failing to provide safe office equipment to tenants and failing to warn of a potentially dangerous condition, reported the paper.

Jolliff has requested that the court issue a judgment against the defendants and seeks interest as well as court costs.

According to WebMD, neck pain may occur after the vertebrae, discs and muscles and ligaments in the neck are injured. Injuries that cause damage to the spinal cord may require immediate emergency medical care.