Louisiana Man Files Personal Injury Lawsuit Against Apartment Complex

Man files personal injury lawsuit over stairwell fallA Louisiana man recently filed a personal injury lawsuit against the management of his apartment complex and several of its employees following a fall he claims to have sustained in the building’s stairwell.

Darryl Williams has named management company Audubon Communities Management as a defendant in the lawsuit, according to the Louisiana Record. Several employees of the apartment complex management company have also been named in the personal injury lawsuit, including Leslie Lockhart, Samantha Lockhart, James Thomas and Shalimar Green.

As a result of his fall in the apartment stairwell, Williams claims he sustained a severe sprain of his lumbar spine and cervical spine. He also claims to have suffered from dizziness, chest pains and emotional trauma following the slip and fall.

Williams and his personal injury attorneys claim that the defendants are liable for Williams’s injuries because they “had prior notice of the dangerous condition,” according to the news source. In addition, the employees of Audubon named as defendants are claimed to have failed to perform their respective duties adequately.

The lumbar spine refers to the section of spine located in the lower back, whereas the cervical spine is the section located in the neck area.