Lead Poisoning

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Lead poisoning is a serious health problem for thousands of infants and small children in the United States. Prior to 1980, American homes contained more than 3 million tons of lead in the form of lead-based paint. Much of this lead-based paint is still present in today’s homes.

What makes lead-based paint extremely dangerous is its tendency to peel off into small chips. Infants and small children can then easily eat or ingest these paint chips. Dust containing lead can also be inhaled or eaten as it covers food or gets on the hands of infants. As a result, the lead contained in these chips or dust enters the body and is absorbed into the blood stream. The lead then accumulates in the body over time until the level becomes toxic.

Lead poisoning injuries and lead poisoning side effects include damage to the brain and nervous system, anemia, behavior and learning problems, and muscle and joint pain. There are several possible responsible parties for lead poisoning, including property owners and paint manufacturers.

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