Lawsuit Filed Over Mercury Exposure at Day Care Center Continues

Day care center was located in a former thermometer factoryThe real estate brokers that leased a former thermometer factory to the operators of a day care center have agreed on a $1 million settlement to the plaintiffs that represent children exposed to mercury vapors in the center.

Despite the settlement, the lawsuit continues, and other defendants named in the case are Franklin Township, Gloucester County, the state of New Jersey and the operators of the day care center, reports.

According to the news source, the plaintiffs have filed the lawsuit on behalf of more than 100 children that were exposed to mercury vapors while enrolled in the day care center. Mercury vapors were present on the premises due to the building having once been used to manufacture mercury thermometers.

Kiddie Kollege, the day care center, opened in 2004 and was closed in 2006 after workers and children were found to have been exposed to mercury vapors over 27 times the safe limit, the news provider reports.

According to the Environmental Protection Agency, high levels of exposure to mercury can lead to problems with kidney function, respiratory failure and death.