Land Rover Evoque 2014 Models Recalled

Recently, owners of Land Rover’s newest model, the 2014 Evoque, were in for a bit of a surprise. Two particular 2014 Range Rover Evoques are currently on a recall list because of a production error made by the manufacturer, Jaguar Land Rover. This safety-related defect involves the suspension link arm on the right-side rear, which may separate due to inferior bolts that were used in production of two cars. The suspect vehicles’ identification numbers (VINs) are SALVP2BG0EH868007 and SALVT2BG1EH869937.

Luckily, no related accident reports are on the books yet, but this could easily change if the recall does not result in the two affected vehicles being updated immediately to fix the problem. The potential is for the defective bolts to fail, which would allow the link arm to become unattached from the vehicle. This would cause an immediate loss of control and the likelihood of a crash. Production of the two vehicles under recall took place on November 27, 2013 and on Dec 4, 2013. No other Evoques were affected by this recall. Naturally, the dangerous bolts will be replaced free of charge once the cars and their owners are located.

Owners of new 2014 Evoque are encouraged to check their VINs to see if theirs is one of the two faulty models. If so, a call to their local Land Rover dealer will fast-track them to an appointment to have the compromised bolts replaced at no cost to them. Additionally, Land Rover is initiating a search for the owners of the two suspect vehicles.

Consumers who own a vehicle in the United States can visit for a list of recalls compiled by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA). This valuable listing is updated regularly and includes motorized vehicles dating as far back as 1966. In addition, the list includes products related to cars and trucks, which have been determined to pose unsafe conditions or are out of compliance with federal motor vehicle safety guidelines.

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