Kia Issues Recall to Fix Steering Problems

Kia has issued a recall for almost 52,000 Soul hatchback cars due to problems with the steering system. All of the affected models are 2014 Souls. The 51,641 recalled vehicles were produced between July 21, 2013 and January 17, 2014.The problem with the affected steering systems in Soul vehicles is related to a faulty pinion plug. The pinion plug in affected Soul models has been discovered to be prone to loosening due to ineffective thread-locking adhesive.

“The pinion plug secures the pinion gear to the steering gear assembly. If the pinion plug loosens due to improper application of thread-locking adhesive during the supplier’s assembly process, the pinion gear may separate from the steering gear assembly, causing loss of steering, which could result in a crash,” stated the Hyundai-Kia America Technical Center, in a letter notifying the NHTSA of the recall.

The investigation into the potential steering problem in these cars began earlier this year when Kia Motors America was notified of concerns by a dealer of the vehicles. The problem was confirmed in the first week of June, at which point the company began the process to issue the recall and fix the problem. So far, Kia has not received any reports of injuries or accidents caused by this defect.

What to Do if You Are Affected By This Recall

Owners should take the defective vehicles to the nearest dealer to have the pinion plug replaced at no cost. The original pinion plug of the Soul hatchbacks will be replaced with a new pinion plug with the thread-locking adhesive properly applied.

Kia will also issue reimbursements to owners that have already paid for any repairs related to the defect, as originally detailed in the company’s General Reimbursement Plan for recalls which was filed April 14, 2014.

Kia will attempt to notify all owners of the Kia Soul models involved in the recall order by first class mail. The letter will contain information about the recall and the process of taking the vehicles to the nearest Kia dealer for the repairs. Those on email lists should also be notified of the recall. Kia expects all the company’s dealers and all the owners of the affected vehicles to be notified within the month and are prepared to handle the necessary repairs.

In general, it is important to be aware of all recalls that may affect your vehicle. There is currently an unrelated larger recall across many manufacturers related to defective airbags produced by the Takata Corporation.

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