Kentucky Woman Sues Over Infant Daughter’s Death

Kentucky Woman Sues Over Infant Daughter's DeathA Kentucky woman whose infant daughter died several days after being admitted to a hospital has filed a medical malpractice lawsuit against the Marshall University Board of Governors, holding it responsible for the girl's death.

Rebekah Suzanne Cox says that her daughter, Shayla Joli Mullins, was admitted to Cabell Huntington Hospital in 2009 for treatment of her burn injuries, according to the West Virginia Record. While Mullins was a patient at the hospital, staff obtained a duplex ultrasound of the infant's lower right extremity, which showed that she had a thrombus in a major vein, the medical malpractice lawsuit states. One of the doctors on the case allegedly noted the presence of a deep vein thrombosis and the need for follow-up exams and treatment, but neither was provided for Mullins, the suit states.

The physicians who treated the infant girl were all employees of Marshall University's medical school, according to the lawsuit. They are accused of negligence in their care and treatment of Mullins, and it is alleged that this negligence contributed to her death.

Although many deep vein thromboses resolve on their own, the blood clot can sometimes travel to the lungs, where it can be fatal, according to the Mayo Clinic.