Jury Sides with Plane Manufacturer in Cory Lidle Crash

A jury decided that former Yankee star Cory Lidle's death was not caused by the negligence of the aircraft's manufacturer.
The widow of former Yankees pitcher Cory Lidle lost her wrongful death lawsuit against the manufacturer of the aircraft in which her husband crashed during a flight lesson in 2006.

Lidle and his flight instructor, Tyler Stanger, were killed when the single-engine SR20 airplane they were flying collided into the side of a Manhattan apartment building. Lidle's widow, Melanie Lidle, filed a $50 million lawsuit against Cirrus Design Corp. in 2007, alleging that the plane was mechanically defective.

However, federal investigators concluded that pilot error during a turn was responsible for the deadly accident. In addition, because the SR20 contains dual controls, investigators were unable to determine whether Lidle or Stanger was in control of the plane when it hit the building.

The jurors deliberated for only three hours before announcing the verdict, according to the New York Daily News.

Lidle played professional baseball for nine seasons before his death. The pitcher was signed to seven different teams during his career, including the New York Mets, the Cincinnati Reds and the Philadelphia Phillies.