Jury Doesn’t Follow Directions, Erroneously Awards $1.75 Million

Jury erroneously awards $1.75 million in jet ski personal injury suitA federal jury recently awarded a woman $1.75 million as the outcome of her watercraft injury lawsuit, but the verdict was ruled illegal by the judge, since the jury hadn't named defendants correctly.

MarcoNews.com reports that jurors initially found the driver and owner of the watercraft involved in Christina Thomas's injuries negligent, though these men were not defendants in the suit.

In considering negligence on the part of the watercraft's manufacturer, Bombardier Recreational Products, the jury did not find the company negligent and reportedly awarded $0.

Thomas's injuries were claimed to be caused by a fall from a Sea-Doo personal watercraft in the Gulf of Mexico, the news source reports. After she fell off the craft, the stream from the jet forced water into her body, causing extreme pain and permanent injury and disfigurement, according to her personal injury lawsuit.

Thomas's attorney claimed that the warning label, which mentioned the dangers of the jet thrust forcing water into the body, wasn't conspicuous enough on the craft. Bombardier's attorney denied this claim and accused the passengers, including Thomas, of ignoring the warning label, according to the news provider.