Jury Awards Ovarian Cancer Victim’s Husband $2 Million

Jury Awards Ovarian Cancer Victim's Husband $2 MillionThe husband of a woman who died after a second battle with ovarian cancer will receive $2 million from the doctor whose alleged negligence contributed to the fatal recurrence.

Sharon Zawatski first survived ovarian cancer in 2004, when defendant Dr. George Valenta found a large ovarian cyst in the woman's abdomen, according to the Citizens' Voice. He performed a surgery during which he allegedly failed to remove Zawatski's left ovary and fallopian tube, which her husband's medical malpractice attorney said contributed to an increased risk of recurrence.

A worse mistake on the part of Valenta was his alleged failure to inform his patient that he failed to remove the ovary, though he had reason to believe it was still inside her body, the attorney said. Had Zawatski known she still had the ovary, she may have sought a second opinion or another surgery, the medical malpractice lawsuit claimed.

Her ovarian cancer then returned, and she fought it for three years and allegedly suffered during that time before meeting her "avoidable" death at age 59. 

"When you have cancer, you want every weapon you can have to fight it," her husband's medical malpractice attorney said. "And they took a weapon away by leaving that ovary in there."

The National Cancer Institute says that approximately 13,850 women died of ovarian cancer in 2010.