Iowa Supreme Court Rules Field Trip Liability Waivers Unenforceable

Iowa finds field trip liability waivers unenforceableThe Iowa Supreme Court has recently allowed the continuation of a woman's personal injury lawsuit against the state by declaring that the field trip waiver her parents had signed that would release the state from liability was not enforceable.

Taneia Galloway was 14 years old when she attended an Upward Bound field trip organized by the University of Northern Iowa, according to She was reportedly struck by a car during the field trip, and her mother proceeded to file a personal injury lawsuit against the state. 

A district court judge reportedly dismissed the suit on the grounds that Galloway's mother had signed a field trip waiver that relieved the state of liability. Galloway appealed, and the state's Supreme Court recently sided with her by ruling that the waiver was not enforceable, according to the news source.

Attorneys for the state had argued that deeming such waivers unenforceable would make organizations unwilling to organize cultural activities for fear of litigation. 

The Supreme Court found that such fears were "speculative and overstated," the news provider reports. The Court reportedly claimed that waivers signed by parents waiving injury claims for minors were against public policy.