Indiana School Sued Over Student’s Finger Loss

Indiana School Sued Over Student's Finger LossThe parent of a student who lost a finger during an agriculture shop class at his Middletown, Indiana school has filed a personal injury lawsuit against Shenandoah Schools, the corporation that manages the facility.

James Bethea, 16 at the time of the 2009 incident, was allegedly asked to help load a round bale cattle feeder onto a trailer when his right ring finger became pinched between the two objects, according to the Muncie Star Press. He lost the tip of his finger, and the personal injury lawsuit claims that this caused him to incur medical expenses and experience mental and physical pain and suffering, permanent scarring and impairment. Bethea's parent, Britt Critchfield, and Critchfield's personal injury attorney claim that the school corporation failed to properly supervise its students, which allegedly led to the fingertip loss.

In addition to Shenandoah Schools, the owner of both the feeder and the trailer, Jerry Moore, has reportedly been named as a defendant in the lawsuit, which claims that he "owed a duty to use proper means to safely load the cattle feeder onto his trailer in order to prevent injury to others."

According to U.S. Census data, the population of Middletown, Indiana in 2000 was 2,488.