Indiana City Settles Over Boy’s Transformer Box Electrocution Death

Indiana City Settles Over Boy's Transformer Box Electrocution DeathThe city of Mishawaka, Indiana, recently settled a personal injury lawsuit filed by the family of a child who climbed inside an unlocked electrical transformer box in 2008 and died instantly from electrocution.

City police said there was no negligence on the part of the parents of Izaya Baiz-Hickey, who was 5 years old at the time, as he had not been known to leave the yard before and had only been out a short time before his electrocution, according to

While none of the defendants in the family's suit have admitted fault, the city of Mishawaka has "paid the maximum that the law requires them to pay," the family's personal injury attorney said. According to the news source, that amount is $700,000. The city has furthermore assured the public that all transformer boxes were investigated after the boy's death, reports.

Though the case against the city is settled, the family is still pursuing damages from defendants Carriage House Apartments and Gene B. Glick Management. The family's attorney says they have witnesses who say the transformer box that the boy crawled into had been unlocked for more than two years. Since the apartment complex must do regular checks on these boxes, the remaining defendants bear a "tremendous amount of responsibility" for the child's death, he said.