Increased Risk of Fire leads to Honda Recall

Nearly 900,000 of one of the most popular minivan models in America are the subject of a recall involving a risk of engine fires. Honda announced a recall involving its Odyssey minivan. According to a report dated March 14, 2014 from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration’s website, the recall affects certain Odyssey minivans from the model years 2005 to 2010 with a potential total of 886,815 vehicles affected. The website posting explains that the cause for concern is the cover for the minivan’s fuel pump strainer, which may deteriorate and allow fuel to leak out. This fuel leakage promotes an increased risk of fire.

According to the report of the recall, the potentially flawed Honda Odyssey vehicles are among those manufactured June 23, 2004, and Sept. 4, 2010. Unfortunately, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration notes that “[p]arts to permanently repair the affected vehicles are not currently available.” As a result, Honda plans to give vehicle owners an update on the status of the recall in April, and will then notify the owners again when a repair remedy is available. Honda expects to have a solution for Odyssey owners at some point during the summer of 2014. Honda will provide all affected models with a replacement fuel pump strainer cover once it secures enough supplies of an adequate product, and will even replace the covers for those owners who obtained a fix in the interim.

The current recall grew out of an investigation initiated by Honda in 2012 when the company first uncovered indications of a fuel leak problem. According to the company’s findings, premature deterioration of the Denso-manufactured cover could be caused by exposure to harsh chemicals and high temperatures. Honda noted that such exposure could occur as a result of using commercial car washes, exposure to fertilizer, or cleaning chemicals.

Those looking for more information on this Honda Odyssey recall can visit the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration at The administration’s reference number for the recall is 14V112000. Additionally, the administration can be contacted via phone at 1-888-327-4236, and vehicle owners can reach Honda at 1-800-999-1009 for more information.