Illinois Woman Settles Medical Malpractice Lawsuit Against Neurosurgeon

Illinois Woman Settles Medical Malpractice Lawsuit Against NeurosurgeonA medical malpractice lawsuit was settled on Tuesday, April 24, which had been filed against Illinois neurosurgeon Dr. William Sprich, the St. Clair County Record reports.

According to the news source, the jury was told of the settlement by St. Clair County Judge Lloyd Cueto upon gathering after lunch. Although the jury was told the case could last until Friday, the judge let the jurors go.

The news source states that Ronda Berkemeier, 55, filed the medical malpractice lawsuit against Sprich and the Neurological Services of Belleville for more than $50,000 in response to a surgery in 2002, which took place at Memorial Hospital.

Berkemeier's medical malpractice lawyer told the media outlet that the surgeon's former patient was pleased with the settlement.

"We are unable to comment on the terms of the settlement," Johnson said. "I'm very happy for Ronda Berkemeier that she had the opportunity to litigate her matter in front of a jury of her peers."

In the original lawsuit, Berkemeier claims that Sprich "negligently and carelessly failed to use the proper and necessary skill in performing the anterior cervical discectomy and takedown of the previously failed graft with Tutigen bone implantation." Her attorney told jurors on Monday that Berkemeier now suffers from permanent nerve damage, according to the news provider.

Berkemeier claims that when she woke up from surgery, she could not move her shoulder – a known complication from the procedure, however Berkemeier says she was never warned of that.

"She could not move her right arm at all after the surgery," her lawyer added. "There's no muscle function. Those nerves were cut. Every doctor in this case, they all agree."

According to the Mayfield Clinic, there are a number of risks associated with anterior cervical discectomy, which include fracture of hardware used in the operation, nerve damage and persistent pain.