Illinois Woman Files Personal Injury Lawsuit Over Dog Bite

Woman files lawsuit over dog biteAn Illinois woman has recently filed a personal injury lawsuit against a dog owner whose pet allegedly bit her, causing permanent damage.

The Madison-St.Clair Record reports that Karie Darnell is suing dog owner Patti Mossbacher for more than $50,000 in damages. Darnell claims that she was in Mossbacher's home in March 2009 when Mossbacher's dog bit Darnell, allegedly without provocation.

Darnell has said that the bite caused injuries to her wrist, arm and leg, and that tissues, tendons, nerves and muscles in the affected area sustained a serious infection as a direct result of the dog bite, the news source reports. Darnell claims to have suffered permanent damage to these tissues. Court records show the plaintiff has allegedly lost about $1,000 in wages and incurred about $3,000 in medical expenses.

Darnell reportedly accuses Mossbacher of knowing that her dog was "vicious" and knowing that it had previously bitten people, but failing to properly control the animal or to warn Darnell about the animal's propensity to violence.