Hundreds Sue Energy Company Over Exposure to Toxic Coal Slurry

Hundreds sue energy company over exposure to toxic slurryHundreds of former West Virginia residents have filed a toxic substance lawsuit against Massey Energy Company for allegedly poisoning groundwater in several towns with toxic coal slurry.

The plaintiffs were all residents of Mingo County towns in the late 1980s, during which period Massey allegedly polluted groundwater in their towns with coal slurry, which they claim to have ingested, the Charleston Gazette reports.

The former residents of the allegedly exposed towns experienced medical consequences as a result of their toxic substance exposure, including gastrointestinal disorders, skin diseases and cancers of various organs and tissues. The toxic substance lawsuit also reportedly includes allegations of developmental disorders that the plaintiffs believe were caused by the coal slurry exposure.

The attorney representing the residents claims that the toxins the residents were exposed to include arsenic, lead, uranium and radium. The defendants are accused of pumping 1.4 billion gallons of the toxic slurry into underground mine shafts, which allegedly poisoned the wells that the residents got their water from. The residents got city water three years ago, and many claim to have experienced an improvement in their symptoms since then.

Court-ordered mediation has failed, and the case will go to trial next summer, according to the news source.