Hospital Accused of Giving 6-Year-Old Patient Drug Overdose

Hospital accused of giving 6-year-old patient drug overdoseTacoma's Mary Bridge Children's Hospital in Washington recently admitted to giving a 6-year-old boy a double dose of medication following an appendectomy procedure.

Jay Brown was experiencing pain and nausea, leading his mother to rush him to the hospital, where an emergency appendectomy was performed on the boy, according to The procedure reportedly went well and Brown was recovering normally, until his condition took a sudden turn for the worse.

The hospital soon admitted that two different nurses each gave Brown a dose of medication, causing an overdose, the news provider reports. The boy's mother claims that the overdose caused internal bleeding that required another emergency operation to correct.

Brown is now reportedly in satisfactory condition. The hospital apologized for the error in a statement, but has not commented on the nurses' statuses and has not said which medication the boy was given a double dose of.

Brown's mother has hired a medical malpractice attorney and is considering legal action, according to the news source.