Hit-and-Run Crash Leaves One Severely Injured in Arizona

Hit-and-Run Crash Leaves One Severely Injured in ArizonaThe victim of a hit-and-run accident was left for dead in Phoenix this week, and was discovered by 24-year old Sadaf Zain while out on a walk, ABC News 15 reports.

"I thought she was dead. That's why I almost passed out," she told the news source.

Zain said she found her mother, 60-year-old Estora Ateequlla, lying in the street at the intersection near their house soon after she was allegedly struck by a driver, who then fled the scene.

"I am looking on my left side, and I see her and she's in the middle of the road bleeding and not conscious, nothing," she said.

Police and emergency medical officials were called and rushed to the scene, where they determined Ateequlla had been critically injured, and the driver had left the site of the crash, the media outlet stated.

"She would just say to me 'what happened to me', and I would say 'you got hit by a car,'" Zain added.

Ateequlla, an Afghan immigrant who came to the U.S. 11 years ago, was taken to the hospital and is now recovering from two broken legs, a broken back and a number of lacerations and bruises. Though stable, medical officials say her recovery will come slowly.

"We want people who know this guy, or have any help or any clue, please help us to find him," Zain told the media outlet.

Police say the vehicle is believed to be an early 2000's Chevy or GMC pickup truck with a white bed cover.

According to the Arizona Department of Transportation, 44 people were killed in hit-and-run accidents in the state in 2010, with another 3,150 injured. In all, there were 11,388 reports of such accidents.