Hepatitis Suit Filed Against Mayo Clinic

Hepatitis suit filed against Mayo ClinicThe widow of a man who received two liver transplants at the Mayo Clinic has filed a medical malpractice lawsuit against the hospital following her husband's death from hepatitis C.

According to First Coast News, Peggy Wolford's medical malpractice attorney has claimed that Wolford's husband tested negative for the disease before receiving the liver transplants.

The Mayo Clinic released a statement in August admitting that a former employee had been siphoning off pain medication from the hospital's patients and injecting himself with it. He then reportedly injected patients with saline solution using the same needle. The hospital has since fired the employee, and he has been arrested for stealing drugs.

Wolford's medical malpractice attorney claims that the former employee exposed patients, including Wolford's late husband, to his hepatitis-infected blood by sharing needles with them. The attorney also claims the hospital was negligent in allowing the radiology technologist to have access to narcotic pain killers and inject patients.

After finding out about the potential exposure caused by the former employee's drug theft, the Mayo Clinic notified thousands of patients about potential hepatitis infection. Wolford's case is reportedly the first medical malpractice lawsuit to arise from the alleged exposure.