Guide To DePuy Hip Replacement Injuries

If you or someone you love were fitted with a DePuy Pinnacle hip replacement or a DePuy ASR hip implant device, you may have experienced adverse complications including metal toxicity, inflammation, pain and the subsequent failure of the implant. In 2010, the DePuy ASR implants were recalled due to their higher-than-anticipated failure rates and a potentially increased risk of complications. If you feel that you are a victim and are experiencing adverse side effects, you may be entitled to file a DePuy hip lawsuit and recover damages for your condition.

DePuy Injuries Lead to Hip Recall
In August 2010, Johnson & Johnson issued a worldwide recall of the DePuy ASR hip implant device, citing data that revealed high numbers of injuries in patients whom had been fitted with the devices. According to the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA), over 93,000 units were removed from the market. Additionally, according to data accumulated from a British national joint registry, an average of 12% of patients fitted with a DePuy ASR device needed to undergo surgery to remove the implant within five years of receiving the device – much less than the anticipated 15- to 20-year lifespan of the implants.

Evidence from the first DePuy ASR lawsuit indicates that executives of the company knew of the potential complications of the devices years before the recall was issued. According to allegations, officials neglected to fix the defective designs of the products due to financial reasons and conducted inadequate testing on the implants prior to releasing them to the market.

DePuy Hip Replacement Injuries
Those with a metal-on-metal Pinnacle hip replacement or DePuy ASR implant may be at an increased risk of early device failure and may require a revision procedure to remove the potentially defective device. Since the implants are made of metal components, these parts have the potential to rub against one another, causing metal debris to shed into patients’ bloodstreams. This metallosis, or metal toxicity, can cause further complications, including:

– Difficult walking or standing
– Pain or inflammation
– Bone fractures
– Damage to the soft tissues
– Metal sensitivity

These complications allegedly stem from the flawed design of the DePuy hip implants. If you have experienced complications, consider seeking legal counsel from professional DePuy hip lawsuit attorneys to file a claim and seek compensation for your condition. While each case is different and a specific settlement amount is not guaranteed, you may be entitled to recover damages for your pain and suffering, loss of quality of life, lost income or loss of earning capacity and medical expenses for additional treatments or revision surgeries you required to remove the allegedly defective implant surgeries.