Guardians of Woman with Cerebral Palsy File Lawsuit

Lawsuit claims developmentally challenged woman was not given proper careThe guardians of a woman with cerebral palsy have filed a lawsuit against Mid-Nebraska Individual Services (MNIS) for being negligent in their treatment of the woman and allowing her to acquire life-threatening bed sores while she was in their care.

According to the lawsuit, the woman has cerebral palsy, is legally blind and suffers from arthritis. When in the care of MNIS, she was to be assisted with bathing, transfer of location and any other movements, according to The Grand Island Independent.

She was also to be monitored for bed sores, which can manifest if an individual is reclining in one position for too long and cuts off circulation to certain tissues.

The lawsuit further claims that during the summer of 2009, MNIS neglected to adequately care for the woman, and she proceeded to develop bed sores that “could not be arrested through conventional treatment.”

The woman was allegedly hospitalized due to these bed sores and underwent three surgical procedures to remove them. The bed sores and surgeries to remove them allegedly caused the woman extreme pain, loss of body tissue and life-threatening circumstances.

The plaintiffs claim that MNIS was negligent in furnishing for the woman the services that were implicitly owed to her; that is, the provision of a safe and clean place to live and medical care when necessary, the news source reports.