Glendale School Bus, Garbage Truck Collide, Students Reportedly Injured

An accident involving a school bus resulted in injuries to students, according to reports.Police deputies and firefighters were on the scene Monday morning, September 26, after a school bus and a garbage truck collision, leaving workers struggling to ensure no person involved in the apparent accident was severely injured.

KTAR News reports that early morning on Monday, there was a serious accident involving a school bus that transports children who attend school at the Bennett Academy Charter School, and a garbage truck that operates in the same area.

At the time of the crash, it is reported that only two children were on the school bus. However, other children were reportedly boarding the school bus at a stop. While those children were in the process of climbing onto the bus, the alleged collision is said to have occurred.

The scene of the accident is reported to be near 56th Avenue and Missouri in Glendale. Deputies from the Glendale Police Department, as well as crews from the city’s fire department were called to the scene, according to witnesses.

“A charter school bus that delivers to a school in Phoenix, it was within the city of Glendale,” according to Sergeant Brent Coombs, a representative for the Glendale Police Department. “It appears the two kids getting on board the bus were injured. They are serious but non-life threatening and they are being transferred to valley hospitals for treatment of their injuries.”

A woman who lives near the alleged scene of the incident, Cecilia Diaz, affirmed she witnessed the accident from her home as the collision occurred. Diaz said she rushed from her home to help ensure all the children were safe. After the bus ran a curb, it reportedly hit a tree, and Diaz noted one of the students was apparently stuck “under the bus in the front under the tree.”

Moreover, Diaz asserted one of the children appeared to have been run over by the bus, affirming “she was the one that was critical,” in reference to her condition.

Sergeant Coombs said that the two children already on the bus, as well as the operator of the vehicle, sustained only minor injuries as a result of the collision. He further said that detectives and deputies were launching an investigation into the causes surrounding the incident, but other officials asserted they had little evidence initially.

“Right now we don’t know exactly what took place as to what caused this crash,” Glendale Fire Department’s Daniel Valenzeula told the news provider. “We can only say that it happened.”

Witnesses said that following the collision, the bus jumped a curb and slammed into a tree. However, officials did not confirm such a sequence of events. Officials from the charter school, including its principal, were on hand when news broke. The principal of the school, Nancy Bennett, is reported to have said the collision was one of the most trying events to have ever occurred in the history of Bennett Academy.

Officials declined to elaborate on whether they believed alcohol or other substances contributed to the crash.