Girl Dies Of Allergic Reaction to Peanuts, Family Sues

Girl Dies Of Allergic Reaction to Peanuts, Family SuesThe family of an allergic Chicago seventh-grader who died after allegedly consuming a meal with peanut content has filed a personal injury lawsuit against the Chinese restaurant that allegedly prepared the meal.

The family's personal injury attorney said that Katelyn Carlson's school was organizing an end-of-year party for a class of gifted students, and that Carlson's teacher had explicitly advised the Chinese restaurant that was chosen to prepare food for the event to avoid peanuts to accommodate the 13-year-old's severe peanut allergy, the Chicago Tribune reports.

Carlson allegedly experienced anaphylaxis, a severe allergic reaction, during the party and died soon after. The Chicago Board of Education then sent samples of the food consumed at the party to a lab, which determined that the food had peanut traces. 

"[They] tested the food and determined it was heavily contaminated with peanut products and that this was the tragic cause of this child's death," Carlson's father's personal injury attorney said. The plaintiff seeks more than $100,000 in damages from the Chinese Inn Restaurant, according to the news source.

According to the American Peanut Council, peanut allergies are typically relatively severe, and even trace amounts of peanut material can cause a serious and potentially deadly reaction in allergy sufferers.