Front Seat Collapse Linked to Injuries to Children in Back Seat

Front seat collapse linked to injuries to children in back seatA Virginia family has recently been awarded $8 million in a personal injury lawsuit against a car seat manufacturer, alleging that the poor design of the seats caused them to collapse during a minor accident, resulting in permanent brain injuries for the family's daughter.

The Georges were allegedly involved in a low-speed rear-end crash with another vehicle three years ago, NBC Chicago reports. Instead of absorbing the impact, the front seats collapsed, effectively turning the front-seat occupant into a projectile that stuck the girl in the head and led to brain injury, the Georges' personal injury attorney said. He also claimed that many other children riding in the back seat have been victims of this allegedly poor seating design.

According to the attorney, government and industry safety standards for this aspect of a vehicle are very limited, and a witness for the plaintiff demonstrated that a lawn chair and a seat made of cardboard both passed the federal safety standard, according to the news source.

A spokesman for the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration told the news source that the administration is considering updating the safety standard. The defendant, Johnson Controls, reportedly said it plans to appeal the court's verdict.