Fraternity Sued Over Boy’s Paralysis

Fraternity sued over boy's paralysisThe fraternity of Phi Gamma Delta at the University of Kansas and its chapter house association have been named as defendants in a personal injury lawsuit filed by a young man who allegedly became paralyzed after attending one of their parties.

Despite national fraternity officials forbidding the construction of pools or ponds by fraternity members due to safety hazards, a pool was allegedly ordered to be built by pledges for the house’s “Fiji Island Party,” the Kansas City Star reports. Plaintiff Matt Fritzie was then allegedly ordered by another fraternity member to dive into one of these pools, which were constructed out of sandbags, during the party. As a result of the dive, Fritzie suffered permanent spine damage and paralysis, the personal injury lawsuit claims.

Fritzie’s lawsuit seeks unspecified damages, and he is represented by a personal injury attorney.

Injury to the spinal cord can be caused through trauma, according to the Mayo Clinic. In such a case, the injury may result from fractured, dislocated, crushed or compressed vertebrae, or through a wound that penetrates the spinal cord. The resulting inflammation and fluid accumulation in the area may exacerbate the injury.